Add Retail SDK to source control

Last updated 5 months ago

It is extremely important to add Retail SDK to source control before customizing it. You should always keep clear version of Retail SDK available.

Clear Retail SDK is also called Mirror SDK.

Source control structure

The following branches should be created:




This branch stores clear version of Retail SDK

Production (Release)

Branched from Mirror, used to create deployment packages for Production


Branched from Production, used to create deployment packages for test environment


Branched from Main, used on DevBoxes by developers

Read more about Retail SDK and version control:

Create source control structure and add Retail SDK

Codiko automates creation of source control structure for you.

Preparation: connect to source controls. Details:

  1. Go to Codiko > Retail SDK > Add initial version to VSTS

  2. Codiko will try to find source Retail SDK folder - if it cannot do so, you need to populate it manually

  3. VSTS node is a root folder in source control, where you would like to create branches

  4. You can select one of two available structures: Mirror-Development-Main-Prod or Mirror-Development-Main branches.

  5. Click Create

Expected results

  1. Branches are created under the selected VSTS root folder

  2. Clear Retail SDK is added to source control RetailSDK_Mirror branch and distributed to child branches.